The last six days, prior to this one, were completely and utterly wonderful. I just want to live in those 6 days forever. Because a life without a dreaded job, whilst still getting the earnings is wonderful. And music makes the soul dance. And I was accompanied by the best company. Wish those 6 days remained reality. Until next time.

Taylor Swift - I Almost Do

I always seem to find ways to lose friends that mean a lot to me.

People I knew, I no longer know.

i would always sing to her. please excuse my “talking to my dog” voice and insanely bad singing.

when something like this happens in my life, it’s crazy that you’re the person i want to go to… and you seem to know just the right words to say. thank you.

My obsession with Local Natives has reached a new height with Hummingbirds about to be released. I can’t wait. Crossing my fingers they are at the festival this year. This is one of my favorites from Gorilla Manor and I never hesitate to sing at the top of my lungs whenever its on… and twirl around.

Title: Sleepover Artist: Hospitality 49 plays

Let’s pretend that we’re married, keep your hands under the sheets.

once a duo, now i don’t know you.

took me a year to accept that things will never be the same.